About us

From the world of agriculture to the food markets

A cairn is a marker that assists hikers on difficult paths. Anybody can add their own stone to help maintain it. It can also mark boundaries or crossing points. In the same way, Cairn to Success will guide you towards success by acting as an interface between the world of agriculture and the foodstuffs markets.

Two worlds to be connected

Even though agriculture and the food markets function in very different ways, they have every reason to work together to support their shared interests in agricultural produce and create tomorrow’s businesses.

Unique experience for forging connections

Cairn to Success would like to offer you its unique expertise, drawing from the experience of its founder, Michel Delaitre. Michel has developed a perfect understanding of both of these two worlds, having occupied various important roles in agriculture for 23 years, and then having served for another 25 years with the world leader of potato-based products. His capacity for analysis, synthesis and structure ideas will allow concrete results for your projects.

Networks at your service

In addition to this body of experience, we offer a full network of experts to guide you to success.