Cairn to Success operates as a consultancy service, we provide an interface between agriculture and the food industry. Our aim is to facilitate an effective dialogue between these two worlds so that everyone can achieve sustainable development by relying on innovation. Our approach reflects these core values.© 2014-07 life-of-pix - Sarah-Geissberger

A pragmatic approach

In each of our projects, we seek first of all to support all of the different actors without favouring any single one of them, instead searching for a long-term win-win strategy that is immediately applicable, and includes all relevant constraints and future developments.

Respecting raw agricultural produce

In our opinion, raw agricultural produce is essential. Our advice always seeks to improve the supply and quality of produce, subject to the needs of the industry. Non-marketable waste or agricultural products can produce green energy and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Anticipating future developments

The market is constantly changing, due to new regulations and shifting consumer habits. We draw from our dual experience of both agriculture and food industry, but also from a constant market watch, enabling us to anticipate and adapt our advice to provide you with support that is always relevant to your business environment.

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