Food markets

From processing to dispatch

The production of food is a major concern in our society. There is a growing demand that must be met by adapting production capacity. New challenges are emerging on the food markets.

What’s at stake

Effectively managing raw materials:

Improving the use of raw agricultural produce in a factory setting depends among other things on the ability of industry to recognize and properly respond to the unique characteristics of agriculture. This kind of insight guarantees success.

Developing local manufacturing

In developing countries, creating small, local manufacturing plants that use raw materials from the neighbouring areas is critically important. Once again, knowledge of the resources themselves and of the way that agricultural production works is the key to success for these kinds of plants.

Anticipating the progression of consumer behaviour

Faced with a demanding consumer-base when it comes to production origins and methods, food markets absolutely must integrate agricultural production and the corresponding producers into their commercial strategy. Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive at respect for environment and use of green energy.

Knowing who to involve, and how

These challenges call for the integration of raw agricultural produce into the chain of production.

Involving the agricultural sector is essential for your projects to be successful. To achieve this, food markets must understand farmers, and offer them a respectful deal.

The right response

Thanks to its dual expertise in both agriculture and foodstuff markets, Cairn to Success can help you to build relationships with the agricultural sector to structure your procurement strategy, incorporate the concept of environmental sustainability, develop social and societal dimension, improve your long-term image.

Our experience on the ground and knowledge of industry players allow us to cater to your needs and support you throughout these new kinds of challenge.