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25 years of experience in agriculture have allowed us to build a network of partners, each an expert in their own domain.

25 years of industrial management at all levels: from the procurement of raw materials to the market introduction of finished products, developing unique relationships between experts of different industrial operations.

Through these networks, Cairn to Success has the unique edge of being able to offer a service that includes both strategic planning and concrete deployment at ground level.


  • Agronomists
  • Selection of varieties
  • Good cultivation practices
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Biorefinery

Processing and market introduction

  • Industrial processes
  • Optimum use of the raw material
  • Engineering and process layout structuring
  • Energy and environment
  • CSR projects
  • Industry sourced Bio
  • Green energy production

These networks are comprised of experts at the height of their careers, and partnered companies.

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