Optimizing raw material usage

Food markets

From processing to dispatch

Often, raw materials are the largest factor in the production cost. It is the responsibility of the industry or the executives of the market introduction strategy to ensure that waste is limited, and that the usage of raw materials is always being improved. Understanding and leveraging a quantifiable body of knowledge on the topic of raw material usage can lead to substantial savings, as well as improvement in product quality.
Petits pois

Our goal is to help you to analyse and enhance the use of the raw material in your production processes.

To whom is this offer addressed?

  • Cooperatives specializing in processing or market introduction
  • Industrial processing companies
  • Packaging/packer companies specializing in the supply of fresh produce
  • First-stage processing operators
  • Industrial use of the raw material sourced bio 2nd generation

Services provided :

Target sectors:

  • Fruits and field vegetables
  • Fresh and processed vegetables
  • Agricultural biomass, forestry or industrial by-products
  • Ecoconstruction sourced bio

Types of project:

  • Improvement of peel-type waste in factories
  • Restructuring of the supply of raw materials into factories (direct supply lines).
  • Monitoring and analysis of losses along a production line
  • Creation of test platform and studies.
  • Optimization of factory manufacturing equipment

Project duration:

  • In the start-up phase, intervention by the day or half-day if necessary
  • From 6 months to 1 year at the rate of one to two days per month for the first project
  • 1 year to 3 years of follow-up and fine optimization at the rate of one day every two months.

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