The agricultural world has been changing for many years. These changes are rooted in the changes in the CAP on the one hand, and in the socio-economic context of the agricultural sector on the other.

Photo freeimagesEnvironment and sustainability are fundamental criteria. The production of green energy opens up opportunities, agroecology is the future of agriculture.

What’s at stake

  • Constant search for income improvement for farmers through innovation which is the safest way to achieve this goal
  • Consolidation of organisation of crop producers and inter-professional organisations
  • Consumer expectations regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Change management strategies
  • Regain profitability and sustainable social

The agricultural market has adapted to keep up with developments in the agricultural market and in the foodstuffs industry, enabling them to secure and develop production. On the other hand, this progression has resulted in specialization, prompting producers to develop technical expertise with specialized crops (potatoes, vegetables, flax, organic farming, etc…).

What we have to offer

Cairn To Success brings you an essential common language for building long-term partnerships. The agricultural market should maintain its autonomy without being integrated by industry or marketing actors. It should improve the development of all its products including the Biomass. This proposal is based on :

  • 23 years of experience in farming, creating and developing economic production chains, allowing us to understand, anticipate and identify with the necessities of this evolution.
  • 25 years’ experience in operational positions in the food industry, enabling us to fully appreciate the directions and choices of the industry, such as market developments and the progression of demand.
  • 3 years of expericence as a consultant at the service of regions, big cities and businesses.

Cairn to Success provides a platform for constructive dialogue with medium-term partners, allowing both parties to benefit.

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