Consumers want authentic food with a traceable history and market introduction that is as short and as transparent as possible.

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Regrouping supply can be achieved via existing structures, but there are also new approaches that allow producers to maintain freedom of choice while gaining access to the major avenues of market introduction.

What’s at stake

  • A fair distribution of added value between agricultural providers and distributors. Including the costs of market introduction is essential.
  • Finding or creating significant benefits for consumers in order to maximize added value is unavoidable.
  • The credibility and authenticity of the offer will be key factors in its success. Shorter, more direct distribution circuits that respect the inherent constraints involved in maintaining product quality, but that also meet the standards of market introduction (certification, guarantee, administrative, processing methods, etc…).

What we have to offer

  • Our experience and personal encounters with distribution markets allow Cairn to Success to design and implement structures and organizations that meet your needs, whether on conventional markets or in growing market segments (organic produce).
  • After performing a needs analysis, we will be able to assist the strategic development of your company by attending and contributing to meetings, helping you to construct your projects in these areas.

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