The agricultural sector is increasingly confronted with choices with medium and long-term commitments and implications. Making the right decision is tricky, because it often depends on factors over which you have no control
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Cairn to Success would like to offer you its expertise to help you make the best possible decision.

To whom is this offer addressed?

  • Cooperatives
  • Groups of crop producers
  • Local authorities, Regions
  • Agricultural unions
  • Farmers: individual holders or companies or group of holders
  • Clusters

Services provided:

Current projects :

  • Digital Agroecology Development Platform
  • Positive carbon dairy farm
  • Assistance with management and the efficiency of a methanation installation on the farm by Bio-Valo
  • Development of Bio-Valo
  • Proposals for industrial market outlets
  • Formalization of project scope statements
  • Analysis and quality control
  • Land development according to your needs by searching for new crop producers
  • Development of projects of industrial transformation for your agricultural production operations.

Target sectors :

  • Livestock farming,
  • Fruit and field vegetables,
  • Oilseed and protein crops,
  • Milk,
  • Woods, forests,
  • Bio-energy.

Project duration :

  • In the start-up phase, intervention by the day or half-day if necessary
  • From 1 to 3 months for any given project
  • As a renewable supportive resource for follow-up throughout the whole course of the project

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