The World of Agriculture

From production to market introduction

Food production is a central concern in our society. Certainly from a quantitative point of view, with the challenges of production capacity, but there are also unavoidable factors at stake in the way that food is produced :

  • environment,
  • sustainability,
  • future technologie,
  • smart agriculture
  • by-product management

What’s at stake

Sustainable and high-quality supply :

Competition between crop varieties, the reduction of useful arable land and the seasonal nature of produce must be balanced against profitability considerations in production, subject to economic and environmental constraints.

Political and economic criteria :

The decrease in CAP subsidies, the elimination of quotas, the consolidation of inter-professional organisations and crop-growers in the context of the internationalization of markets with the impact of emerging economies, a large diversity of contracts; these are the permanent challenges faced by today’s farmers.

The technological revolution :

The use of drones in agriculture brings new opportunities for information gathering and improved productivity. The territorial innovation laboratories are an essential complement to a modern approach to agriculture.

Understanding consumers :

Consumer behaviour and attitudes have changed. Today’s consumers are more aware of the origins, the quality, and the distinguishing characteristics of the products that they buy. Environmental impact and the nature of production processes are sometimes also taken into consideration. It is essential for agricultural production to be able to meet these new expectations.

Key factors of progress

Faced with these challenges, the agricultural sector is constantly changing. It invests more and more in commercializing its production:

  • by engaging in cooperative structures, which represent a growing segment of the food industry
  • by independently organizing direct lines of distribution to consumers,
  • by establishing production contracts with major food industries.

In some sectors, there is still room for re-organization into production chains combining agricultural production processes and industrial transformation processes. This is a key factor of progress that is rich in opportunity.

The right response

Thanks to its dual expertise in both the agricultural industry and the food industry, Cairn to Success helps you to understand all of these issues to better market your production and to benefit from these opportunities.

Our experience on the ground and knowledge of industry players allow us to cater to your needs and support you throughout all of these changes. Our missions already made in this area demonstrate this effectiveness.